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My name is Veronick and I'm a Canadian Artist and Graphic Designer, hailing from the East-Coast. I love doing anything creative, no matter what medium. I always loved writing and sketching in diaries and journals when I was a child, and I still do to this day. Making things pretty is kinda my thing. ^_^

I have always loved stationery, and everything Asian. Where I live, it is not easy to find nice novelty stationery (without paying an arm and a leg! or very limited access to Asian products for that matter). Japanese Washi Tapes, Kawaii ("cute"), Anime, Manga, even traditional Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc. designs, characters, and patterns. I want to help journaling enthusiasts, like myself, find fun things to help them personalize their creative space and projects.

I hope you will like my one-stop-shop for all your journalling needs! I have carefully curated a collection of supplies to meet all your journaling projects - and put them in one store. I also have quality art supplies and unique decor items for your workspace (you know, Feng Shui is important for peaceful mind and creativity).

Journaling for me is more than just making pretty lists. It has been a therapeutic outlet for me, suffering from mental illness. I make notes to myself and write things that encourage me. I reserve time from my busy single-mom schedule, for myself a couple of times a week. This has been pivotal in keeping a balanced life and taking care of my mental health. I want to encourage others to do the same, with whatever works for them. I will be blogging my journal pages and posting them here sometimes. I also want to share inspirations, ideas, review products and show you how to draw your own designs. I have a lot of good plans coming ahead, and I want to help you find your inner "Bujo Star"!

A little more about me? I love to cook, you could say I'm a foodie. I also work part time as a Barista (I am addicted to coffee, gotta support my addiction somehow).  I love to laugh, and enjoy all the little things in life. Pugs and French Bulldogs are my Kryptonite. I become completely smitten and giddy when I see them. Please let me love your dogs !! Animals make me happy. I have a teenage son, and 2 cats, which all live with me. I'm very blessed and grateful to be a Mom. I want to build a good life for my family and hope to have success doing this! (Growing boys eat a lot... just saying...haha). 

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